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Stay curious!

von Stefan Rössler am 1. September 2014

As babies we were born into this world, and as kids we learn our way to live in it. It’s a life full of rules and regulations, dos and don’ts, and an infinite number of things, we’re not allowed to do.

We spend most of our time on learning all these rules. Rules from parents, teachers, society, the government … a myriad of people and institutions, who claim to know better, and don’t get tired of reminding us, how to live the right way.

But you know what? There is no right way of living. Neither is there a wrong way of living. There’s just living.

As adults (do you really feel like an adult?) we’re still trying to stick to all these rules. We’re actually so busy trying to avoid mistakes, that we almost stop doing anything.

Okay, we still check our email and social networks, shop online and watch TV, but honestly, do you really think we were born into this world to become consumers?

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Instead of being curious about life, we’re afraid to do something terribly wrong. We fear to make bad decisions for our private lives as well as our professional ones. We’re living by the rules of other people and it is so exhaustive, that we lose our curiosity about it altogether.

Well, we’re still curious about something. Celebreties, athletes and other famous people, as well as people we know, like our colleagues, friends and neighbors, and of course the latest business, fashion and music trends. Everything is very important to us.

That’s because curiosity is always there. We can either direct it towards our own life or it will direct itself towards everything else. That’s called distraction and it’s not very useful, nor is it fun.

The opposite of distraction is focus. Focus on yourself – your own life. Be curious about what you are experiencing. Not only is there a lesson to be learned in anything, but life is also more enjoyable if you stay curious about it.

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