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Be a shepherd

von Stefan Rössler am 4. August 2014

We’re all sheeps. Some of us might be black sheeps and appear to be very different from others but in the end we’re all just sheeps.

What makes us sheeps? Our lack of responsibility for our own lives. We don’t decide for ourselves where we eat our grass. We just go with the herd and do what the other sheeps are doing. This starts in school (probably even earlier) and still effects our lives today.

At least that’s true for some of us and yet there are exceptions. I want to call these exceptions shepherds.

So what do shepherds do? They take responsibility, not only for their own lives but for the lives of others. Think about great parents for example and how they value the lives of their children even more than their own.

For me, being a shepherd is the most inspiring thing a human being is capable of. It’s because shepherds don’t focus on themselves. They don’t do it exclusively for their own well-being – they do it for the good of their herd and that’s why it’s great.

Doing something for someone else is the most beneficial way of living I can imagine. Help others and you help yourself. It’s that simple. Yet many times we get it totally wrong.

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We want to be happy and what we do is, we focus on what we want. We focus on our happiness. The thing is, we don’t know how to be happy and instead of living in joy we get bored and start seeking distractions from our disappointing lives.

Happiness is just another concept. It’s a word. It’s not really something. We can’t get it if we try to hunt it down like prey. Happiness can’t be found somewhere and we can’t just pick it up like a flower or a stone.

I think of happiness as something that comes over us. Something that enters our body and changes the way we are, by somehow making us feel more alive. Happiness is a feeling and we get it spontaneously. It happens to us. We can choose to let it happen.

Being a shepherd means taking care of all your sheeps. Think of your sheeps as all the people you know. It may sound arrogant but it doesn’t mean that you think of yourself as something better compared to others.

Life is not about comparisons. Life is about paying attention.

Try to be the best shepherd you can possibly be. Have a meaningful relationship with every member of your herd. Be there for them. Listen to them. Play with them. Have fun with them. Care for them.

Do a friend a favor and offer your service. Host a party for someone you care about. Talk to each other … for hours. Don’t care about wasting your time with someone. You’re not here for yourself. You’re here for the herd and that’s what makes life a joy.

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