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Writing is a time machine

von Stefan Rössler am 22. Mai 2014

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Let’s travel back in time and begin with a short story:

Once Markus and I were traveling by train to give a lecture in St. Pölten. The ride took several hours and was perfect for sitting there with your headphones and listening to music while writing down some spontaneous thoughts. At this moment I was so deeply into thinking about a website we’re designing, that I ended up producing more than two thousand words of my thoughts on it. Since then, I’ve never read the words again and practically forgot about them. Until yesterday.

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Daniel, who is currently working on the website mentioned above, started to talk about his ideas. And since I’m very busy right now managing a lot of people in another project, I couldn’t spare more than 2 minutes listening to him. Suddenly I remembered the words I’ve written in the train once and decided to send them to Daniel. And today I’ve received the following email (translated into english) after the end of a day full of meetings:

I have to tell … this email was very useful. It just felt as if we were sitting down for 20 minutes and talked about it. Thank you, this made things a lot clearer.

Can you see, how I feel like a time traveler now? I was just sitting in a train and traveled to the future where my old me was doing my present job while I did something completely different. All made possible by writing.

Writing really is a time machine.

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