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Why we build Userbrain

von Stefan Rössler am 7. Mai 2014

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We are designers like you and we are usability experts like you. We believe in user-centred design and we regularly perform our own user tests. There’s only one problem: we need to do way more tests, way faster.

That’s why we’re building Userbrain.

As designers we work in the vacuum of our own offices too much. We don’t do as many user tests as we should and that’s why we provide developers with interfaces before real users have even seen our designs.

This approach is common in many software projects and we all know it’s doomed to fail. Why? Because after development’s done, it’s time for us, the usability expert, to test the finished software. Can you see what happens next?

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We test interfaces that are so badly designed, it sometimes feels like they haven’t been designed at all. They violate even basic interface design guidelines and after only five seconds you realize they have never been tested with real users.

And that’s why we do user tests during our design process and not after we’re done. That’s also the reason why we deliver concrete design solutions for clients hiring us for usability tests and expert reviews. It’s because we believe design and usability belong together.

Userbrain is inspired by the idea of doing user tests as early and often as possible. Not only in lean UX teams but in every software development team on this planet. Userbrain will let you do way more tests, way faster

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