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Don’t please your clients

von Stefan Rössler am 17. Februar 2014

When you start out as a designer you usually suck. That’s because you still want to please your clients.

It takes some time to realize that pleasing your clients is not the thing to do if your goal is to be of real service to them. To deliver your best work possible you have to challenge your clients assumptions.

You have to ask though questions, talk about uncomfortable topics and be as open and honest as possible. Be as empathetic as you can be and try to see the world with their eyes. Try to really understand what matters to them and stop wondering about what matters to you.

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Most client’s are reasonable people – I believe they all are – and as soon as they realize how much you care, they will start to trust you more. And more trust means more responsibility. And that’s what you want. You want to be responsible.

Only then you’ll be able to fully understand a situation and figure out what’s the best thing to do. And the best thing is rarely your client’s initial idea. Your client’s brief is just something to get your creativity started.

Don’t please your clients. Instead try to find out what it really is they need and stop giving them exactly what they have asked for.

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